« Si je ne peux pas danser, ce n'est pas ma révolution »
(Emma Goldman)

mercredi 13 janvier 2010

G20 : Toronto

Communiqué du Toronto Community Mobilization Network:
Six months to the 2010 G8/20 Summit

The Group of 8 Leaders and the Group of 20 Leaders are meeting in Ontario, from the 25th to the 27th of June, 2010.

Following the collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Summit, they will be discussing the global economy, development and climate change.

These gatherings are about trying to fix capitalism, a system that cannot be fixed; about creating unsustainable market responses to ecological catastrophe that reinforce systems of oppressions; about ensuring the continued exploitation of people of color and the South and about celebrating war as a means to create puppet allies to maintain imperialist power. The so-called leaders at these gatherings do not represent us.

In opposition and with a will to transform, people across Turtle Island are organizing community-based days of action in Toronto, Canada. The days of action will be led by Toronto-based organizations of people of color, indigenous peoples, women, the poor, the working class, queer and trans people and disabled people.

We will organize for these days of action by deepening our roots. With sisters, brothers, friends and allies, we will shut down the places, the systems and the ideas that exploit and exclude us.

In their place, we will creatively build the world we wish to live in. A world with self-determination for indigenous peoples; climate justice; income equity and community control over resources; migrant justice and an end to war and occupation.

Change does not come from markets or from so-called negotiations with so-called leaders. Change comes from people making decisions for themselves. We call upon communities of resistance everywhere to continue to build their local struggles.

Join us in Toronto in June 2010 to share your ideas and strategies!

On these days, we call for Days of Action across the world that showcases solutions from the ground up.

To join the network, hear about open meetings and to get more information, email community.mobilize@resist.ca

The Toronto Community Mobilization Network is a network of long-standing grassroots community organizers in Toronto and their allies building a radical community mobilization during the G8/20 summit.

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